SAMHAIN 2021 Bone Oracle Reading

SAMHAIN 2021 Bone Oracle Reading

My personal spiritual work or ritual is never fully recorded, but here you will get a glimpse, and I share this with you as it was shared with me. The altar was lit with candles to light the way for the Spirits, and wine was offered in reverence. The drum called in the Ancestors with 13 beats – representing the 13 full moons – and symbolizing their heartbeats when they inhabited the physical realm. It is our Mighty Dead we call on at Samhain to elicit their knowledge and heed their advice. When the reading is for the public, I ask for my Ancestors and Spirits to allow me to be a conduit for the message, and for the Ancestors and Spirits of all that will see this post to come close and communicate a message that applies to everyone. Know that if you are reading this, your Ancestors and Spirits participated in this group message.

When a message is for one person, the Spirits use symbolism and images that the person will understand for them personally, and when the message is for a group, the Spirits will use symbolism and images that many people will understand and relate to. It is important to remember that metaphors and symbolism are used a lot in Spirit Communication. I used my coyote bone oracle to draw three bones to start, and then incorporated channeled writing to expand the message. I’ll include quotes from that channeled writing that pertains to the bone meanings.

For Samhain, the Spirits chose: BIRTH, MASK, and EARTH

BIRTH is beginnings, creation, new adventures, forward movement, as well as re-birth, reincarnation, and the “cocoon phase”. 

MASK is illusion, perspectives, facades, alternate realities, things not being as they appear, and things hidden from sight. 

EARTH is growth, physical manifestations, abundance, stability, strength, grounding, and usually pertains to mundane matters.

The message comes with an overwhelming sense of great change on a whole. Change tends to cause a lot of fear for us humans – we like the static and expected. We take things for granted, and expect things to remain as they always have been. It’s strange how we hold on so hard to what currently is, when change itself is our only guarantee. The Spirits want us all to take a big step forward by using the word BIRTH – the expulsion of creation into being. If you are waiting for a sign, this is it. If you are paralyzed by indecision or fear of change, the Spirits are indicating it’s time to summon your courage – this is a time of action. Birth is creation, and in this sense, it is the creation of our future reality. All births are painful and bloody – but the pain gives way to beauty. You can stay where you are and be forced into action, or you can take a brave step forward into the unknown. Either way, the change is going to happen. 

“None of this is static. Your eyes have seen more beginnings and endings than stars in the sky.”

Processed with Rookie Cam

MASK in this reading is not referring to physical masks – it is metaphorical masks – the ones we create to hide behind, and the facades we build to keep us emotionally safe. All human beings are afraid of rejection on some level. We are afraid of not fitting in, of being judged, of not being picked, of being left behind and being alone – and the irony is, we all feel this on some level, but we’re ashamed of this and see it as a weakness that we hide from others who are feeling the same way! Instead, we use our wardrobe of masks to trick ourselves and others into thinking we are immune to that feeling of disconnection. Wouldn’t it be easier to connect with each other on the deeper emotional levels if we were just our vulnerable (mask-less)  selves? Wouldn’t we all want to make someone feel safe and comfortable if they conveyed their true self to us? Now apply all of that to yourself! Be who you REALLY are, and make your space one where others can be who they REALLY are. 

“Remove your mask. Let them see all of you. The hidden parts are where the treasure is.”

Processed with Rookie Cam

EARTH in this reading is not only indicating that this message is for all of us here on the planet, but also as a sign of growth and change. The seasons show us how to gracefully accept change, and the Earth keeps spinning, regardless of how many times we beg it to stay still. Removing the mask and being reborn (Birth) as your true self is the way forward to stability and security – both aspects of the element of Earth. The Spirits are reminding us that we are here on Earth to have a human experience, and part of that is to learn from the difficulties we face to help us grow and move forward with more knowledge than we had before.  Denying those difficulties and inherent human-ness is a surefire way to find yourself in a repeated pattern until you learn the lesson. 

“Do not let your ego dig your heels into the earth and hold you back from forward momentum.”

Stagnation leads to malady. Change leads to growth. Shed the mask and be reborn.

“The illusions are what keep you stagnant. Reality and illusion are the flip-sides of a coin. Discernment is what determines which side the coin lands on.”

Blessed Samhain! May your ancestors walk amongst you and whisper in your ear along the way!

~ The Madame

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