The Madame’s Bone Oracle Reading 04.04.20

The Madame’s Bone Oracle Reading 04.04.20

The Spirits chose SEEKER, MIRROR, and STRANGE from The Madame’s Bone Oracle.

I’ll break down the meaning of each bone, and then we’ll discuss them as a group.

SEEKER: Self, Ego, Querent, Within

MIRROR: Reality, truth, certainty, perspective

STRANGE: Strangers, strange situations or places – people, places, things you don’t know, Without

I’m really excited about today’s reading! This bone combination shows growth and forward movement after following the counsel given this week. Life is a cycle of never ending growth – there is no one single destination. We will continue to move forwards (and sometimes backwards) if we allow our spirit (and Spirits) to guide us. A week or two may not be long enough to untangle all the old ties to the past, but it is long enough to evaluate and begin a path to a different way of being. The SEEKER bone indicates this reading is specific to each of us as individuals, instead of as a collective. It is the “I” instead of the “You” – the 3 fingers pointed back when the index finger is pointed out. It tells us the truth we seek (MIRROR) is within – we already know, we just need to access it by centering, getting quiet, listening, and following our “gut”. MIRROR is about reflection: What changes have you made recently, and how have they affected you? What insight have you gained from the work you’ve been doing on yourself? MIRROR shows us truth, but it shows us truth from our perspective. Hold the mirror up to your own face: What do you see from a different perspective with the changes you are experiencing? Do you see a past way of dealing that is no longer working, and you are putting the effort into better ways? This isolation we are all experiencing is the Universe giving us time to pause and reflect (MIRROR) on multiple levels, time to do some work on ourselves, and time to start noticing the changes and be inspired to continue forward. STRANGE is those changes! We are working toward “different”. The world is not going to go back to the way it was a few months ago. It can’t if we are going to survive. STRANGE tells us to embrace these new ways, even if they are uncomfortable at first because they are different. STRANGE is the trailblazer – the one that clears the way and shows us a different way to think, to be, to relate, to engage, and to live. 

*SIDENOTE: The combination of SEEKER and MIRROR is also telling us that the way forward is not via ego and vanity. Our society has put such an emphasis on appearances and image that we’ve lost track of the importance of our insides. We’re all freaking out because our salon is closed and our roots are showing (me too!). This is a bit of tough love from the Spirits, telling us these things may make us feel good for a minute, and that’s ok, but the inner work will make you feel good for a lifetime. Our standards of physical beauty fades, but INTERNAL beauty is ETERNAL.

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