The Madame’s Bone Oracle Reading 04.09.20

The Madame’s Bone Oracle Reading 04.09.20

The Spirits chose DEATH, STRANGE, SEEKER…and FAMILIAR from The Madame’s Bone Oracle.

I’ll break down the meaning of each bone, and then we’ll discuss them as a group.

DEATH: Ending, Letting Go, Past

STRANGE: Strangers, strange situations or places – people, places, things you don’t know, Without

SEEKER: Self, Ego, Querent, Within

FAMILIAR: Family member, home, friend, people, places, things you know

Well, this is has been an interesting morning. After pulling the first 3 bones, I felt a subtle nudge to pull one more. We’re all on Covid-19 information overload, and who wants to hear more about it? Yeah, me either. However, I think we’re going to be receiving this theme of messages for a little while longer.  DEATH is, again, in this reading reflecting what we are experiencing at the present – a dying of old ways: personally, socially, politically, and globally. It is also making us look physical DEATH in the face. We have gotten away from the living’s responsibility in the cycle of death in an up close and personal manner. The dead are no longer cared for or prepared in the home. We send them to STRANGErs to  handle the unpretty last steps. Then we memorialize them in cold, sterile commercial buildings with a few flowers thrown in for good measure, for appearances sake. A hole is dug by machine hands, and a metal box is covered and forgotten. It has become such a sterilized process that many have never sat with a family member or friend in their last moments, or seen a dead body outside of a sterile environment. I think this actually exacerbates the fear of death. To be there in those last moments pokes at our own mortality, and our deepest fears. DEATH is scary because it is STRANGE – the unknown – what happens next, where do we go when we leave this life? And now that we are all dealing with a pandemic that can be deadly, this is a prominent concern at the forefront of a lot of people’s minds, and hence, the first bone out of the bag this morning. When followed by STRANGE, it shows us the necessity to do things differently and see things from a different perspective. A new way is on the horizon if we simply accept that we have to open our eyes and turn to the East to see it.

SEEKER is about our personal part in this reading. Memento Mori. Remember you will die. How do you view death and what comes next (or doesn’t come at all)? And how does that play a part in how you LIVE? That truly is the more important aspect of that concept. Living in fear of the unknown (STRANGE) is never helpful. People fear death because they fear what comes after it, whether you believe in an afterlife – heaven, hell, purgatory, reincarnation, or simply that we cease to exist. How are you living despite that death is inevitable? Take a little time to ponder on that today – not in the physical act of dying, but in how you are living. What’s important to you or that you do in this life that transcends death? What is your legacy here on Earth?

FAMILIAR (similar to familial) is about our community response. Our ground zero defense, the “essential workers”, are doing phenomenally with ingenuity by improvising in a terrible situation, despite the lack of supplies and leadership due to the miasma of ineptitude and greed at the top.  They are sacrificing their own health and well-being for the rest of us. We can show our appreciation by each of us doing our part to keep them safe, and our fellow man, by following health protocols to flatten the curve – wash your hands, wear a mask to protect others from YOUR germs (instead of thinking of it the other way around), stay home unless you need food or medical supplies (STOP GOING TO LOWES!), keep interactions to a minimum when you don’t have any other choice, stop spreading conspiracy theories and fake news (for Hecate’s sake, it is a real virus and not a ploy to implant a chip in you!), check your sources of information – the dude from highschool that flunked science class and thinks the Earth is flat but shared a sketchy meme on Facebook about 5G being the true source of the pandemic should not be your source of medical information. There is a place for “Woo” and a place for science. Sometimes there’s overlap. We need science for the physical aspect of this pandemic. We can use Woo for the spiritual. We’re all in this together. Let’s all do our part.  

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