The Madame’s Bone Oracle Reading 04.30.20

The Madame’s Bone Oracle Reading 04.30.20

The spirits chose MOON, MIRROR and AIR from The Madame’s Bone Oracle this morning.

MOON: Subconscious, Secret, Dreams, Night, Passive

MIRROR: Reality, truth, certainty, perspective

AIR: Learning, Creating, Intuition, Psyche, Mental State

What an auspicious combination today! Right before I sat down to write this, I saw 3 deer in my backyard, grazing after the morning showers. Tonight is Walpurgisnacht – Witches Night – the eve of Beltane, the Sabbat of fertility, nature in bloom, and the first signs of summer! While Beltane is a solar celebration, MOON appearing today is all about our subconscious, intuitive nature. AIR complements that message, but from a more conscious aspect. MIRROR tells us that our intuition leads us to truth. Today’s message is to use this time to connect with your intuitiveness – stop doubting your gut! The deer that visited me this morning operate on instinct – they don’t question if what they’re feeling is logical. They act on their innate impulses that alert them to danger, and that’s how they survive. Ever notice their ears perk straight up at the slightest noise and they become statue-like still? That’s a visual representation of their instinct -their intuition – at work! They sense that the vibe is off and take heed. What can you learn from that today? How can you nurture the more subconscious MOON aspects of your intuition, and bring them forward toward your conscious psyche (AIR)? Step one is to flex that intuitive muscle! Have you ever noticed that your first choice was the best choice – usually after you decided on your second, more thought-out option? Yeah, well, that’s how we learn, right? So try to find one opportunity today to go with your first instinct without overthinking the outcome. Since tonight begins the Beltane festivities, and bonfires are a traditional activity, why not try a little fire scrying? Use a candle if you can’t build a fire. Relax your focus and stare into the flames. What do you see? Don’t censor yourself – just acknowledge what your intuition shows you. Utilize the energy of this waxing moon phase combined with Beltane’s abundance to build up confidence in your instincts. And don’t forget to leave an offering to the fairies tonight!

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