The Madame’s Bone Oracle Reading 05.01.20

The Madame’s Bone Oracle Reading 05.01.20

The spirits chose FIRE, FLOW and HEART from The Madame’s Bone Oracle this morning.

FIRE: Transforming, Energy, Passion, Spiritual Essence

FLOW: Action, Receive, Trust, Forwards

HEART: Problem solved through feeling, connections to others, love

The FIRE energy in today’s reading couldn’t be more appropriate for Beltane and its traditional bonfires! Today’s message is all about your HEART’s desire, and inspiring passionate and transformative energy. The Spirits are hitting your HEART with a million volts from a defibrillator. The Wheel keeps turning, and so should we! We’ve been holed up and on pause for longer than any of us have ever experienced, and we’ve allowed our FIREs to become embers. Today is about rekindling that FIRE from the ashes. When we think of FLOW, we usually think about water. FLOW can be active – paddling in the direction the river flows, or passive – floating along allowing the current to take you where it may. Today’s reading is about active FLOW, but instead of paddling in the river, we’re dancing in the flames. What have you put on hold that you can actively rekindle with this fire? Even if you are stuck at home, you can dream, plan, visualize, and create what your HEART desires. This includes relationships! Have things become too complacent in your relationship(s) or have you become withdrawn and disinterested in the more physical benefits of companionship? Today’s message is telling you to “go get you some”! Remember the million volts sent to your heart? Well, those volts are also being sent to other areas of your body that could use a little tingle…if you get my drift. Beltane is a celebration of life and fertility, by the way. Passion, desire, lust, connection – all of the aspects that get our HEART pumping. Utilize today’s energy to explore those aspects of yourself. The Spirits promise to cover their eyes for your privacy.

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