The Madame’s Bone Oracle Reading 05.09.20

The Madame’s Bone Oracle Reading 05.09.20

The Spirits chose FAMILIAR, SUN, and BIRTH from The Madame’s Bone Oracle this morning.

FAMILIAR: Family member, home, friend – people, places, things you know 

SUN: Consciousness, Illuminate, Day, Active

BIRTH: Beginning, Go Forward, Future

Today’s message is to be mindful of who we spend our time with (FAMILIAR) and who we allow to take up space in our consciousness (SUN). The messages continue to illuminate (SUN) the fact that change is necessary right now, and that the future is going to require new thinking, new perspectives, and new ways of being (BIRTH). We are all influenced by someone – and those “someones” are usually those closest to us (FAMILIAR). If the “someones” closest to you cause more anxiety and frustration than joy and happiness, it’s time to find new “someones”. Hard to do during a quarantine, right? This is the time to sort out who those “someones” are and what you plan to do about them going forward. The future is asking us to let go of all that binds our spirits, makes us ill, and contributes to the miseries in our life, and this includes people. We have all hung on to that one friendship because we saw the goodness they had inside them hiding behind the toxicity, and unfortunately, got burned for our optimism. No one, I repeat – NO ONE – is all good or all bad. We can’t expect perfection from anyone, including ourselves. However (you saw that coming, right?), we are not expected to martyr ourselves for anyone else’s cause – friend, family, or stranger. Ego tells us that we’ll be the one to fix them, and I’m here to tell you (from experience), that doesn’t happen. People don’t change other people. People change when they have a personal impetus to do so, either from the pain of hitting rock bottom, or by taking accountability for their choices and results thereof. So what do you do with that kind of toxic relationship? You do what’s best for you, which in turn, may be what’s best for them as well! Enabling and codependency are toxic to both people in a relationship. Having firm personal boundaries teaches others how to do so for themselves. Boundaries are not the walls we build as a facade to pain. Boundaries are fences made from love of self. Today’s message is to illuminate (SUN) where you may be allowing others (FAMILIAR) to steer your ship and control your self-interests, and whether you will continue to allow that in the future (BIRTH).

P.S. Yesterday was Moon/Strange, and today is Sun/Familiar. These Spirits with their double edged swords…

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