The Madame’s Bone Oracle Reading 05.12.20

The Madame’s Bone Oracle Reading 05.12.20

The Spirits chose MOON, STRANGE, and FLOW from The Madame’s Bone Oracle this morning.

MOON: Subconscious, Secret, Dreams, Night, Passive 

STRANGE: Strangers, strange situations or places – things you don’t know, Without

FLOW: Action, Receive, Trust, Forwards

Today’s message is about flexibility, release of control and expectations. MOON and FLOW in today’s reading are both passive. I’ve mentioned before that Ebb and Flow can be read as active (paddling with or against the current) or passive (allowing the current to take you where you need to be). I interpret it as active or passive based on what other bones are with it. Yesterday we had the Sun bone, with its fiery action based message. Today is the complement to that. Each day we have to decide if we need to act, rest, or retrace our steps and start over. Today is a rest day. It means that we need to sit back and see how the plans we’ve enacted  are playing out. STRANGE in today’s reading is about accepting unexpected results – to have a looser grip on control of outcome and to not force but trust that we’ve done what was needed and that what is meant to be, will be. Remember that unexpected doesn’t mean “bad”, it just means different (STRANGE). Have you ever done something in the hopes of getting a specific outcome, and while the eventual outcome didn’t meet your expectations, it all worked out for the best anyway?  Expectations are fine as long as they’re not so rigid that you expect perfection. That’s what the Spirits are telling us today –  not just  “expect the unexpected” but “accept the unexpected”. The Willow tree is a perfect example of today’s message. Willow trees grow near water (FLOW) and magickally correspond with the MOON and MOON Goddesses. Their STRANGE flexibility compared to other trees (like the Oak) is not a of lack of stability or sturdiness – quite the contrary! Their strength is due to their ability to bend without breaking. If a storm blows through, Willow bends and sways with the wind, whereas sturdy, strong, rigid Oak is uprooted or broken. Bend so you don’t break. Flex and FLOW. 

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