The Madame’s Bone Oracle Reading 05.22.20

The Madame’s Bone Oracle Reading 05.22.20

The Spirits chose AIR, MIND, and FAMILIAR from The Madame’s Bone Oracle this morning.

AIR: Learning, Creating, Intuition, Psyche, Mental State

MIND: Problem solved by thinking it through, analytical, logical

FAMILIAR: Family member, home, friend – people, places, things you know

Today we have the double strength message about our psyche – our MIND and mental faculties. MIND over matter. The element of AIR is indicating that today requires us to utilize our powers of intellect. MIND backs up this message, and encourages us to use critical thinking, to analyze situations using logic and reason instead of emotion (unlike the rest of this week that was all about emotion!). FAMILIAR points us in the direction of what is known – those things closest to us, like home and family, or even work. If you recall, yesterday’s message was to broaden our horizons emotionally. Today’s message is to look for clues in the FAMILIAR – our ordinary lives – to find what may be holding us back from doing so, and to evaluate our lives from an analytical perspective versus an emotional perspective. We all tend to give better advice to others than we give to ourselves. It’s because we can step outside of the emotional attachment to outcome, and see what’s best for them from a logical (MIND) standpoint. Learning to do that in our own lives can be helpful to overcome obstacles. Is your FAMILIAR environment and your relationships serving your best interest? If not, what needs to change? Is there chaos where you need sanctuary? Is communication (AIR) lacking? Is it time to learn (AIR) a new skill or get a new job? What advice would you give someone else in your current situation? Today’s isn’t a day of action. Today is simply an evaluation day. Gather data. Analyze. Plan. Invoke the ever-logical Mr. Spock.

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