The Madame’s Bone Oracle Reading 06.10.20

The Madame’s Bone Oracle Reading 06.10.20

The Spirits chose FLOW, AIR, and DEATH from The Madame’s Bone Oracle this morning.

FLOW: Action, Receive, Trust, Forwards

AIR: Learning, Creating, Intuition, Psyche, Mental State, Communication

DEATH: Ending, Letting Go, Past

Yesterday, the Spirits told us to “ebb” (inaction, recede), and today they want us to FLOW (action, forward). It’s interesting the way these messages compliment each other. Today’s message is to be clear in your communications, and to cease wasting time communicating with people committed to not hearing you. AIR relates to our mind and thoughts, and also to communication – our voices carried on the wind. The Spirits are reminding us to be mindful of not only what we say, but how we say it, and that communication is a two-way street. Communication is not only speaking (FLOW), but listening (Ebb). Sometimes we need to hear something multiple times in different voices before we understand the message. Keep this in mind today in your communications. DEATH in today’s reading is a message of harsh reality – it is a big red stop sign regarding communicating with people committed to not hearing you. We can never dismiss the fact that one word in the right ear, even if not understood at that moment, can have a great impact later down the line. We also can not dismiss the fact that there are people who are never going to hear you, either because they are unable to do so, or they choose not to. The Spirits are telling us to FLOW past them, especially the ones who are making the choice not to hear you. Notice that the message is not “stop speaking”. The message is to stop wasting your precious breath shouting to those without ears. Speak to those willing to listen, and be willing to listen.

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