The Madame’s Bone Oracle Reading 06.12.20

The Madame’s Bone Oracle Reading 06.12.20

The Spirits chose SEEKER, MASK, and DEATH from The Madame’s Bone Oracle this morning.

SEEKER: Self, Ego, Querent, Within

MASK: Perception, things aren’t as they appear, deception

DEATH: Ending, Letting Go, Past

Today’s message is that we can’t change what we don’t acknowledge. As I’ve stated before, when bones show up multiple days in a row, their significance is elevated and their meaning weighs heavier. This week, DEATH has been the third bone drawn on three separate days, and MASK has also shown up three times. When we combine MASK and DEATH, it is a clear message to put an end (DEATH) to the illusions (MASK). SEEKER in a private reading indicates the message is specifically about and for the querent, and not about others in their life. In a public reading such as this, SEEKER is each of us as individuals.It also speaks to our Ego, and being able to see past it and look at things from a more holistic view. While the message encompasses all of us as a whole, it is to be applied to each of us individually. Why do we wear MASKs? Self preservation, fear of judgement, the need for acceptance, and unfortunately, some wear MASKs as subterfuge in order to violate others. Today, instead of focusing on the MASKs that others wear, we need to inspect our own MASK. To start with, we need to ask ourselves: “What am I hiding, and who am I hiding it from?”. Are you wearing a MASK for fear of what others may think if they saw the “real” you? Or are you wearing a MASK because you can’t accept certain things about yourself? With so much focus on things happening outside of ourselves right now, we may be forgetting to look inside of ourselves, and reevaluating our thoughts and feelings about the difficult topics at large, especially the topics that we avoid by the wearing of MASKs. The Spirits will continue to offer a bird’s eye view of the issues that affect us all by repeating symbols and patterns in readings until the collective energy shifts as a result of us all doing the work, individually and together.

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