The Madame’s Bone Oracle Reading 06.15.20

The Madame’s Bone Oracle Reading 06.15.20

The Spirits chose EBB, SUN, and SEEKER from The Madame’s Bone Oracle this morning.

EBB: Inaction, Recede, Release, Backwards

SUN: Consciousness, Illuminate, Day, Active

SEEKER: Self, Ego, Querent, Within

Today’s message is about introspection. Gnothi Seauton – “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom” (Socrates). EBB tells us a “time out” is necessary, and while SUN is an “action” bone, when combined with SEEKER, it tells us we need to direct that action towards ourselves versus the outside world. The Spirits keep directing us to inner work (introspection) because that is where the real change occurs first, and then it spreads to our outer world. It’s much easier to focus outside of ourselves and point fingers in all directions where change needs to be made. It’s easy to recognize the flaws in others and expect them to do the work to change them. Today, those fingers point in our own direction. It’s all well and good to acknowledge issues that need attention -it is the first step towards change. But acknowledging your part in the issue is paramount to that change. SUN is also directing us, the SEEKER, towards consciousness and knowledge. When we apply this introspectively, we can utilize this message to gain insight into our own thoughts, beliefs, fears, and desires, and how we can exact change in ourselves first in order to implement change in a more global way. Here’s an introspective exercise we can all try today: What is your biggest fear at the moment? When did that fear start, and what is its origin? Is there evidence to support your fear? Have you sought out information to dispel that fear? How does that fear shape your internal dialog? How does that fear shape your thoughts and actions towards others? What are some ways you can attempt to overcome that fear? This isn’t a one and done exercise. Let it be an ongoing effort to grow and evolve to the benefit of your own mind/body/spirit and in turn, for humanity in general.

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