The Madame’s Bone Oracle Reading 06.29.20

The Madame’s Bone Oracle Reading 06.29.20

The Spirits chose BIRTH, EARTH, and MIND from The Madame’s Bone Oracle this morning.

BIRTH: Beginning, Go Forward, Future

EARTH: Money, Property, Family, Health, Physical Body, Mundane Solution

MIND: Problem solved by thinking it through, analytical, logical

Today’s message is the mind is a fertile breeding ground – be careful what you’re fertilizing it with! What has grown in our mind that we need to weed out? What are we currently sowing that we will reap later? The Spirits have used the “root of the problem” metaphor a lot lately. It’s because we keep treating issues on the surface – we cut the weed off at ground level but leave the root underneath to quickly make its way back above ground for its time in the sun. The roots are embedded deep in our psyche (MIND) and that is where our efforts should be directed when it comes to plucking out the offense so that there’s more room for growth. The MIND, much like a garden, needs nourishment, nurturing, and tending to be at its optimal function. Are you watering the beneficial and pruning the harmful? Be MINDful of what ideas you are planting and what you are using to fertilize those thoughts. 

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