The Madame’s Bone Oracle Reading 09.17.20

The Madame’s Bone Oracle Reading 09.17.20

The Spirits chose SPIRIT, HEART, and STRANGE from The Madame’s Bone Oracle this morning.

Today’s message is about mixed emotions. When things feel chaotic and we face uncertainty, we usually look for something stable – a north star to provide some guidance and to set our course by. We look for the familiar for comfort. The Spirits are telling us today that comfort is not going to be found in the familiar right now. Those things that we have felt certain about in the past may no longer fit our current situation, and we’ll need to search outside of our self-imposed boundaries to find what we need. This applies to relationships, in particular. The people you once surrounded yourself with may start to feel like strangers, and you may find that the emotional connections you once shared have been strained or severed. This isn’t about blame, it’s about change. We all (should) evolve and grow, and sometimes we outgrow people. This can lead to loneliness or feeling like we don’t belong, and sometimes keeps us in relationships simply because they’re the devil we know vs the devil we don’t. The Spirits are pointing to the fork in the road and telling us to take the uncomfortable path. The path may look dark and scary, but the minute you make the choice to go in the direction of the unknown, you set the torches alight.

*Today’s photo caught a little ray of light from the flame to enhance The Spirits message ?

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