The Madame’s Bone Oracle Reading 3.27.20

The Madame’s Bone Oracle Reading 3.27.20

The spirits chose MOON, WATER, and DEATH from The Madame’s Bone Oracle this morning.

I’ll break down the meaning of each bone, and then we’ll discuss them as a group.

MOON: Subconscious, Hidden, Dreams, Night, Feminine
WATER: Relationships, Emotions, Healing, Emotional Being
DEATH: Ending, Letting Go, Past

Obviously we need the message that the MOON brings since it showed up in yesterday’s reading as well. We humans have a habit of trying to put everything in a box with a label, and giving non-human objects human traits – especially things like archetypes and deities. And while our understanding of gender has evolved and we know it is more fluid and varied than simply “masculine and feminine”, I will use the descriptor of “feminine” in the broad sense for simplicity’s sake. The Moon is referenced as a “she” throughout most of history (and the Sun as “he”), and while there have been cultures with a “Moon God”, the majority of animistic or polytheistic cultures noted a Moon Goddess – Selene, Luna, and Arianrhod are among the more recognized. When we consider that WATER, the second bone drawn, is also referenced in the feminine (especially by Pirates and sailors), this is even more important to look at. “Feminine” is associated with emotions, passivity, receptivity, fertility, tender, soft, and nurturing. The coupling of MOON and WATER says we need to adopt these traits right now. How can we be softer, more receptive to cope right now? Stop being so hard on yourself for how you’re dealing right now – it’s a circumstance most of us have been lucky enough to not have dealt with before. What can we nurture now that will be beneficial later? Perhaps we realize we’re more wasteful with resources than we thought, and it needs to be curbed. What in our lives needs healing, especially on an emotional level? Isolation and quarantine can take a toll on our emotional well-being, and anxiety and depression can feel amplified when overloaded with the news. Reaching out to others is more important now than ever. This can be really hard for some of us, but let’s try to channel some MOON and WATER traits right now: receptive, soft, nurturing. If you aren’t comfortable reaching out for your own sake, reach out to someone for theirs. It doesn’t matter which direction the connection comes from, just that it does. Care for each other. You are not alone. Now let’s get to DEATH – the word that gets the most visceral reaction. Death is a transition – an ending of one way of being to another. And while physical death may be at the forefront of your mind right now, in this reading, we’re talking about an ending of a different sort. In yesterday’s reading, the MOON represented illusions being brought to light. DEATH is the end of those illusions. The current way that we deal with things must end – politically, socially, and personally. We are taking our sickles and reaping the end of the harvest, leaving barren fields in our wake. And once the soil has been turned, we will plant the seeds of a new world.

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