The Madame’s Bone Oracle Reading 3.28.20

The Madame’s Bone Oracle Reading 3.28.20

The spirits chose WATER, BIRTH, and FAMILIAR from The Madame’s Bone Oracle this morning.

I’ll break down the meaning of each bone, and then we’ll discuss them as a group.

WATER: Relationships, Emotions, Healing, Emotional Being

BIRTH: Beginning, Go Forward, Future

FAMILIAR: Family member, home, friend, co-worker – people, places, things you know

Again, we have a repeat from the previous day, with WATER making its place known as the first bone out of the bag. These repeats clearly show emphasis on the meaning of that particular bone. In this case, WATER is relative to our emotions. We are all collectively feeling the strain and the distress of our current climate. WATER is showing up with its soothing and calming nature, telling us we need to use this time to care for ourselves, not just physically, but emotionally. So many of us stay busy with distractions like work or relationships or addictions to keep from dealing with issues that need attention but that may be super painful or seem insurmountable. When you are placed in a predicament where your normal distractions aren’t available, it’s normal for these issues to rear their ugly head. Now is the time to deal with those issues while we’re all at a pause (well, most of us). In what way can you use water to help work through these issues that are begging for attention? Maybe it’s a long soak in the tub, or maybe it’s as simple as listening to waves crash upon the shore. Meditate on a picture of a still pond. Drink lots of water! Incorporate herbs and crystals that correspond to the WATER element into your daily life: spearmint, lemon balm, jasmine or willow; amazonite, lepidolite, moonstone, or prehnite. 

Yesterday, the Spirits chose the Death bone. Today, they chose BIRTH. Are you not seeing the pattern in their message?. BIRTH shows us the literal womb with its watery cocoon – a space of safety and nurturing bestowed to each of us. It’s important to honor the cycle: BIRTH-life-death-rebirth…and over and over. The Universe is not static. We are the universe in motion, manifested on Earth to witness this cycle.  It’s always darkest before dawn. We’re getting a real wake up call, and things are about to shift from collapse and destroy to rebirth and rebuild. And while we are witnessing this cycle and feeling the fingers of chaos grip our chests, what you may find helpful right now is a bit of the FAMILIAR. When everything changes at once, we get lost in the commotion. So for today, let’s find comfort in the FAMILIAR parts of life that continue regardless of circumstance. We can still walk outside and see the sun in the sky. We can still get online and connect with some FAMILIAR faces. We can still reach out to family, or friends that feel like family (or familiars!), even if we can’t physically be in their presence. Take a walk, even if it’s in the backyard. Listen to music or watch a movie that makes you feel nostalgic for better days. The message today is to care for your emotional self today while we are all being held in our Mother’s watery womb, awaiting our time to be reborn.

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