The Madame’s Bone Oracle


This Diviner’s Device was handmade by The Madame to provoke visions, voices, and the presence of the Spirits that work with us and through us on this earthly realm. Let them reach out from beyond the veil to guide your hands and inspire your intuition with this arcane tool.
The original set was handcrafted by The Madame using Coyote Bones for her personal divinatory practice, by burning keywords into the bone that triggered imagery, symbolism, thoughts, sounds, and other sensory responses to tap in to the knowledge of the cosmos.
In an effort to find a more sustainable method of production for those that wished to learn this method, The Madame and her husband co-conspired in the creation using a 3D printer to build the bones based on a human humerus, utilizing PLA – a type of bioplastic made from renewable sources like corn starch, tapioca root, or sugarcane. After printing, they are hand filed to remove rough edges and an antiquing wax is applied to bring out the details. This culminates in a 20 hour process to complete each set.

Watch the video below to witness the process of creation!



The first edition sets cast a ghostly glow, and come housed in a black hemp drawstring bag with loosely guided instructions for use.

The Madame’s Bone Oracle will be available for purchase soon! Check back here for the link to purchase!

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