Alchemy & Ashes is inspired by the old magick found beyond the veil, the deep forest, the dark valley, and the other side of the hedge.

Our handcrafted products are intuitively designed and created by practitioners of the Old Craft to encourage the seeker to look beyond the mundane to find their own innate power, and to enhance their mystical journey through the use of herb, bone, root, and stone.

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Alchemy & Ashes caters to The Seeker that wishes to part The Veil, to the ones longing to peer beyond the mundane and become inspired by history, myth, and magic.

Alchemy & Ashes is as much of an experience as it is a retail shop. A well curated mix of Victorian style antiques and oddities provide the backdrop for an array of items sold to enhance and empower the lives of our customers, both physically and metaphysically. Alchemy & Ashes specializes in a Victorian and Gothic aesthetic – pieces with ornate details that are rare in modern décor, ranging from decadent to macabre, and all the weird and wonderful and wonderfully weird in between. The Madame Proprietor, Shawnee (hitherto and forthwith known as “The Madame”) personally selects each piece from all sorts of strange and unusual places (and people).

We provide the tools to enhance your spiritual practice, such as smudging supplies, crystals and gemstones, herbs and amulets, as well as handmade soaps, candles, perfumes, and incense. We also offer Intuitive Readings and Mediumship services, as well as hosting classes on esoteric topics like intuitive development, divination, folk magic, and an array of occult topics that compliment our retail goods.

The Madame creates in-house the Cold Process Soaps and Perfumes that we stock, as well as Moon Elixirs, Ritual Oils, and Jezebel’s Spell Amulets. Alchemy & Ashes is honored to serve as an outlet for local artists that manufacture products that compliment our aesthetic.

So lift the veil, feast your eyes and indulge your senses. We are confident that once you visit, you’ll be back for more.

The brick-and-mortar Parlour of Magical Curiosities is located in Lutz, Florida, just north of Tampa.

Our products may be found online via our website and our Etsy Shop:

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